Why partner with us?

Benefits and Why patronize our company

We always look out for proactive and motivated partners. JOIN US!, and be a part of an exciting and innovative sales network and Technology.

Show off your entrepreneurship spirit and rely on success by setting yourself apart from the competition. As a partner, you retain your independence and at the same time profit from extensive support from STARCOM. We will support you in all the relevant areas.

In more and more markets, we are establishing ourselves as an innovative provider of integrated solutions covering all aspects of tracking based security.


As our partner, you not only benefit from your sales you generate from our high quality products and solutions. You also receive valuable, practical support and attractive terms and conditions.

  • Attractive Discounts

    Be more profitable: Use our resale discount.

  • First-class Training and Certifications

    Our wide range of advanced training for technicians and staff alike convey precisely the knowledge you need in order to successfully market and install the various tracking security solutions.

  • Technical Support

    No matter where you are in the world, our technical support is always in your vicinity.

  • Device Replacement

    If there is a problem with a device during the warranty period, we will replace it quickly and with no fuss.

  • Partner Portal

    You can access all your installations on our Tracking platform.

  • Sales-boosting Demo Equipment

    You get our devices for demonstrative purposes at attractive rates.