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Kylos Merchandise Tracking

Kylos Merchandise Tracking is our stand-alone GPS tracker and management system, perfect for asset management, monitoring, and tracking. Kylos devices do not require any installation and provide essential information – including location, velocity, temperature, impact and light exposure.

Thanks to their ease of use Kylos units are the perfect solution for tracking of goods, pets, and other assets, and can also be used as a personal GPS tracker. Kylos units offer a full management solution when used with our mobile and online applications and can be combined with other Starcom products for multi-layer security.

Merchandise Tracking

With various designs and configurations, we offer a different Kylos for every need:

It is a smart personal tracker, combining both cellular communications and GPS technology with built-in sensors, for every aspect of personal tracking. It detects emergency situations, as pre-defined by our event generator – for example, leaving a specific geographic area. It can also detect personal injuries, such as falls and equipped with a panic button. Thanks to its compact design and advanced features, Kylos Compact can also be used as a sleek and easy to hide tracking device, providing enhanced security for precious cargo.
Kylos Forever Rechargeable/Non-Rechargeable

With a battery life of up to 3 years, and the ability to measure light exposure, temperature and impact – Kylos Forever is the perfect solution for valuable assets and for distanced areas. Kylos Forever can be left in remote stations and provide once – a – day alert on a consecutive basis, once am emergency event is detected – it starts signaling immediately and provides with real-time valuable information.

Built to last – Kylos Forever is used in remote areas and under extreme weather conditions and is the choice of both commercial partners as well as governments around the world. Kylos Forever comes with two options: as a rechargeable unit and as a non-rechargeable use and toss unit – ideal especially in extremely remote areas and when as a solution for one-way tracking.

It is a sophisticated tracking system, designed for monitoring and tracking air cargo. To comply with the airlines’ regulations, the cellular modem is deactivated during take-off and reactivated automatically upon landing. By being able to monitor and manage the environment of your cargo, the risk of damage and loss can be significantly reduced.

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Welcome to Starcom Nigeria
Welcome to Starcom Nigeria
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