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5 Reasons you need a GPS Tracker

  • By Starcom
  • July 27, 2021

A GPS tracker is a small device that plugs into your car and uses GPS (Global Positioning System) to find out your vehicle’s location. Advanced technology has provided a huge means of vehicle tracking and monitoring via mobile phones.

Reasons you need a GPS tracker;

Discover your vehicle location:

The major essence of a GPS tracker is to monitor and provide your vehicle location. This is due to the devastation that may be experienced when you suddenly lose a luxurious vehicle that you have just purchased. Whether your vehicle was stolen or towed, a GPS tracker provides the exact location of your vehicle by sending you tow alerts.

One of the things to consider as well is that there is no guarantee that your vehicle insurance covers vehicle theft, therefore it is important that you install a GPS tracker to immediately find out the whereabouts of your vehicle if your vehicle is missing from where you parked it.

Centralized lock system:

The Helios GPS tracker comes with the centralized lock system feature that provides you access to lock all the operations in the vehicle if you discover it missing. This can be done by accessing your vehicle functions using the mobile and online application that is provided upon installation of the device via a centralized lock. For example; when you discover that your vehicle has been hijacked by thieves, you have the opportunity to lock them in the vehicle while still tracking the vehicle location at the same time until the law enforcement agents arrive.

Alerts and vehicle data:

Our Helios GPS tracker provides you the details of your vehicle. These details include the vehicle directions, where it was driven, speed limit, the date, and the time that the trip was started. It also helps in the safety measurement especially when you have teenagers or a driver that you need to monitor, it provides the required data to monitor their driving habits.

GPS trackers are rechargeable:

Asides from the affordability of GPS trackers, Their batteries can be easily charged with their own adapter and can be used for a reasonable period of time, an example is our Kylos personal GPS tracker. It is also easy to manage and is easily affordable for every person.

Fleet management:

The Helios advanced GPS tracker helps to manage the condition and functionality of your vehicle. It sends alerts to your mobile phone, providing information on its condition, and alerts when something goes wrong with your vehicle.

Now is the time to track your vehicle using our advanced GPS IoT devices. Think Starcom Nigeria, Think Vehicle tracking.

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Welcome to Starcom Nigeria
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